edinburgh. week one.

I hate writing about trips. I would rather live than write, experience than think, feel than speak.

there's just so much. my days are filled with events and plays and concerts and getting lost and unlost and seeing new things and tasting new foods and getting rained on and having conversations with these beautiful people here.

many of the other students here have not travelled much outside of America, and it is refreshing for me to witness their excitement about all these european things they have never seen.

highlights so far:
soweto gospel choir
scottish dance theatre
the sir walter scott monument
matthew bourne's dorian gray
the absolute overwhelming greenness of the gardens and the mountains
the castle on top of the hill
funk it up about nothin' [shakespeare's much ado about nothing set in modern times with a dj and lots of rap and hip hop]
nepalese food
the jazz bar
witnessing a fight in a pub with shattered glass and security guards
actually being old enough to get into pubs and jazz bars
steak pie and irn bru at midnight
john donne
walking everywhere possible

more later. or not.

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Maria said...

wow. I can't believe you saw a fight. I loooove the Soweto Gospel Choir!! I was in Soweto, they traveled from SA to edinburg?. :) good memories. I love you and miss you